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Risks and Benefits of Owning Office Space in China

Only a small portion of multinational firms from Western countries own their office space in China, while most companies rent. Reasons may include a higher flexibility for growth, high... 


Top Properties

Park Place / 越洋广场

District: Jingan Dist
1601 West Nanjing Road
Proximity to Metro Line: Line 2 & 7
Approximate Rental: 13-14RMB
Built In: 2008

Plaza 66 / 恒隆广场 I

District: Jingan Dist
1266 Nanjing Road (west)
Proximity to Metro Line: Line 2
Approximate Rental: 13-14RMB
Built In: 2001

Real Estate Research, Appraisal and Consulting

You want your business to thrive in China, and your company’s real estate portfolio is a key determinant of its success. With its insider's perspective on China's real estate industry, Sofia Group provides information and analysis that gives your firm a competitive advantage.

While labour is much cheaper in China than in the west, renting and purchasing real estate are not. Your office, shop, warehouse or production facilities are a high cost factor, and reviewing and analysing your current situation can reveal opportunities for substantial savings.

We will help you set up the right strategy for your company’s real estate. Once you have rented or bought real estate in China, we support you with supervision of property fit-out, maintenance and insurance.

In order to provide solid value to you, we adhere to the following principles.

  • Identify and highlight the advantages of your existing solution and only recommend changes if a strong improvement can be achieved.
  • We base our analysis and strategy suggestions on solid benchmark information.
  • We never experiment with your money; when recommending suppliers and partners, we choose only those who have demonstrated their reliability and resourcefulness.

How to minimize cost, avoid risk and ensure best practice for your real estate matters