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Risks and Benefits of Owning Office Space in China

Only a small portion of multinational firms from Western countries own their office space in China, while most companies rent. Reasons may include a higher flexibility for growth, high... 


Top Properties

Park Place / 越洋广场

District: Jingan Dist
1601 West Nanjing Road
Proximity to Metro Line: Line 2 & 7
Approximate Rental: 13-14RMB
Built In: 2008

Plaza 66 / 恒隆广场 I

District: Jingan Dist
1266 Nanjing Road (west)
Proximity to Metro Line: Line 2
Approximate Rental: 13-14RMB
Built In: 2001

Office and Retail Space Leases

When you partner with Sofia Group, you can expect to obtain the ideal property for your needs.

If you are a multinational company with operations in China, then you face an environment of constant change. Having a comfortable and safe workspace is essential for the productivity of your business. We help you find the right office or other commercial real estate: big enough in size, matching your company’s image and culture. Most importantly, we help you get such a space at a discounted rate and ensure that your interests are protected against the landlord.

When you entrust your project to Sofia Group, you will:

  • Receive only the most up-to-date information on rates and available units. Our team communicates with property owners and updates daily our database of listings from 600+ office space landlords and more than 160 retail space landlords in Shanghai.
  • Work with experienced consultants, each having a strong record of success in negotiating favourable deals and helping client’s achieving their targets
  • Negotiate directly with final decision makers at the landlord's organization. As we maintain close contact with developers and property owners, your deal will be directly negotiated with the final decision makers. They know about our buying power, and since layers of middle-men are cut out, we generally can get you rates that are 10 to 35% better than the market average.

Our Process

This is how we help you screen the entire market and consider every possible option in order to make sure that you get the perfect solution, all while minimizing the time you spend on the property search.

Step 1: Define Desired Location -- Pudong vs. Puxi. Is proximity to metro needed? Do you need to be located near certain key customers or partners?

Step 2: Define Space Requirement -- amount of people to be accommodated, amount of square meters needed, special considerations.

Step 3: Perform Research -- we comb through our entire database and present you with a listing of suitable options.

Step 4: Shortlist and Inspect Buildings -- examine list together to eliminate least suitable candidates; go on an inspection tour of the remaining shortlisted buildings.

Step 5: Negotiate Price, Benefits and Sign Contract -- Enter into negotiations with the two or three properties that best suit your needs. Negotiate for lowest cost with maximum additional benefits.

How to find your ideal property in 5 steps