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Anxiety among 200,000 owners of commercially zoned apartments in Shanghai

When protesters in Shanghai take to the streets over new real estate regulations, observers must assume that something dramatic has impacted the market. On this occasion, the scenes... 


Top Properties

Park Place / 越洋广场

District: Jingan Dist
1601 West Nanjing Road
Proximity to Metro Line: Line 2 & 7
Approximate Rental: 13-14RMB
Built In: 2008

Plaza 66 / 恒隆广场 I

District: Jingan Dist
1266 Nanjing Road (west)
Proximity to Metro Line: Line 2
Approximate Rental: 13-14RMB
Built In: 2001

Your consultants

Bjarne Bauer - Managing Partner

Bjarne Bauer has been working in the commercial real estate industry for thirteen years: four in Germany and nine in China. During this time he has advised numerous multinational companies on matters relating to China's real estate market. He has extensive hands-on experience in purchase transactions and rental transactions of office space, retail space and industrial space.

As NAI Sofia Group's Commercial Director, Bjarne steers the overall direction of the organisation and takes final responsibility for all aspects of its business. He directly oversees the operations of NAI Sofia Group's office space consulting business, and also plays a supervisory role in the projects of the Group's design and construction units.

Bjarne sees trust as fundamental to the growth of the company — trust that clients place in the firm, as well as mutual trust between members of the NAI Sofia Group team. To this end, he strives to foster a company culture of honesty, integrity and mutual cooperation. He encourages employees to share and learn from their experiences together, and invites them to help determine which strategies are best for the company's long-term sustainability.

A founding member of the Shanghai Real Estate Club, Bjarne studied Chinese at Beijing University prior to launching his career in China.

Amanda Zhu - Senior Director

Before joining NAI Sofia Group five years ago, Amanda Zhu held sales management positions at Kerry Properties, Savills and DTZ. She is a graduate of Shanghai International Studies University, where she majored in Japanese, and in addition to her mastery of that language she also speaks fluent English.

As Operations Manager, Amanda oversees property inspections, landlord and customer coordination, and contract negotiations. She also provides continuous input and support to the Commercial Director on strategic matters such as marketing and personnel recruitment.

Amanda says that what she finds most rewarding about her work at NAI Sofia Group is its challenges. She enjoys communicating with people from diverse cultures, and her spare-time activities include travelling and visiting history museums.

June Zhang - Director

Exceptional organizational and communication skills that June demonstrated while working for NAI Sofia Group as an intern in 2012 gained the notice of management, who quickly decided to put her on a fast-track towards assuming a key role in the company. In the ensuing three years she accordingly gained exposure to all aspects of company operations while taking on assignments in administration, accounting, procurement, property valuation and project management. Her accomplishments as a PM included successfully overseeing office relocations for the consulates of Denmark and Malta.

An avid fan of travel and cinema, June is a graduate of the Shanghai University of Science and Technology where she majored in Japanese. She is fluent in English, Shanghainese and Mandarin.

Jean Gao - Senior Key Account Manager

NAI Sofia Group was luckily able to persuade former intern Jean Gao to stay on as a full-time employee after she completed her university degree in English. Her quiet but intense creative energy is an important source of forward momentum for our company's progress.

Before assuming her role as Team Leader, Jean held the crucial position of coordinator in our property valuations department. In that capacity she oversaw valuation projects for industrial properties across China, her clients including several Fortune 500 firms. Music is an important part of her life, and she is also a frequent visitor of art shows.

Mary Hoo - Senior Key Account Manager

As passionate about her work now as she was before taking an extended maternity leave to raise two boys, Mary, one of the earliest employees of NAI Sofia Group, worked as an employer assistant program specialist before joining us. She brings balance to our mostly young group with her maturity and holistic perspective on work and life.

When it comes to securing spaces in crowded buildings and negotiating leases on behalf of clients, Mary is the ultimate fighter. To anyone who is not a landlord, she is the sweetest person you ever met. As our client, you will of course meet the latter.

Gumeng - Senior Key Account Manager

Gu Meng joined NAI Sofia Group after a period of university study in Norway where she says her most meaningful experience was witnessing the joy of a family Christmas. She also says the feeling of family among our team members is what she likes most about our company. We team members in turn all feel Gu Meng does an outstanding job at extending family-like caring and respect to her clients. She also brings them good results: she has now assisted numerous multinational firms find and secure suitable office spaces and retail locations.

A proud native of Xuyi in Jiangsu Province, a city famous for its yearly international crayfish festival, Gu Meng likes to travel and cook in her spare time.

Jet Guo - Senior Key Account Manager

Jet joined NAI Sofia Group as an Information Technology intern when he was still completing his degree in optical electronics at Harbin University of Science and Technology. He eventually began helping out with report writing and project budgeting, and has also applied his mathematics expertise to overseeing land valuations for several of our multinational clients.

Now fully devoting his time to client communication and project coordination, Jet is still the hero who steps in to save the day when a problem arises with our computer network.