Build-Out Project Management

You want a comfortable and stylish workspace that enhances productivity and impresses your customers and employees; we can create it for you.

In China, most properties are handed over in a more or less bare-shell condition, and it can be hard to find reliable design and construction firms that understand your needs and deliver what they promise. But don’t worry — an attractive interior made of high quality eco-friendly material need not break your bank, and NAI Sofia Group can provide it.

Our internationally experienced, bilingual architects and interior designers will sit down with you and provide a tailor-made floor plan and design concept. Once a design has been agreed upon, we will provide you with 3D renderings to help you better envision how the final interior will look.

To ensure that we meet your expectations, the following measures will be taken:

  • Our design proposal specifies the materials to be used and their quantities. If we fail to specify any materials in our contract with you, we will pay for them.
  • Our contract with you will also specify the project schedule, including the final handover date.
  • Instead of sub-contracting, we employ our own work-force so that we can guarantee that both quality and time taken will meet your expectations.
  • The designer in charge of your project will visit your site at least three times per week to ensure that the construction follows the design plan.
  • We use only health-friendly and eco-friendly construction and refurbishing materials of renowned brands.

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