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In the past twelve years, China saw a proliferation of shopping mall openings that was perhaps unprecedented worldwide in scope.

The great China mall boom took place even as rising online consumption was changing the nature of the mall business itself, shifting the typical mall tenant mix towards dining, education and leisure services, and forcing mall owners to find new ways to increase foot traffic through public events, digital marketing and other tactics.

A foreign retailer entering China may feel overwhelmed when trying to determine the best locations in a big city like Shanghai that now has dozens upon dozens of busy malls. Moreover, while average mall space may be easy to come by, the best spaces can be difficult to secure due to fierce competition.

NAI Sofia Group Shanghai can help you identify the best available space and help you secure it. Our extensive knowledge of China’s shopping mall landscape and strong connections to different retail landlords make retail space shopping fast, fun and efficient.

If you need mall space in Shanghai or the surrounding areas for your business, our retail specialist Jean Gao will be glad to talk to you. Jean can be reached by email at or phone on 0086 21 6230 1919.

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