Serviced Offices & Co-Working Spaces

The New Face of Work

Why lease a traditional office when a serviced office is so much easier, and a coworking space so much fun?

A lease for either saves you the time and money you would normally spend on remodelling and furnishing a traditional office, hiring admin staff, network installation, internet fees, building management fees and more.

Plus you get to enjoy shared common areas where you can meet neighbors and work in a relaxed setting. Many coworking places also regularly organize events and provide other useful services.

Yet finding the right serviced or coworking office in China can be a struggle. There are now hundreds of business center and coworking space operators, and quality varies greatly. Moreover, each center has its own unique atmosphere, strengths and weaknesses, and spaces in the more popular centers tend to lease out fast.

At NAI Sofia Group Shanghai, we know China’s business center and coworking marketplace and have open channels of communication with all key operators. We’ll answer your questions and make it easy for you to find and secure the space you want.

Remember, our service is free for tenants, so contact us any time — we’re ever ready and happy to help.

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